Welcome to the Wings of Tatev ropeway website

Here you can find travel information about ancient Tatev Monastery, abandoned villages, The Great Hermitage in Vorotan Gorge, and Armenia’s natural wonder - "Devil’s Bridge" (Satani Kamurdj).

We are happy to offer attractive Seven Hiking Trails across the Syuniq region and taste of authentic Armenian cuisine in Tatevatun restaurant.

Audio guides and handmade souvenirs are available at the ticket office of Wings of Tatev cableway.


What to do in Armenia when you want to keep vibrant memories of your trip to the Guiness world record peak.
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Arts and culture

In the late XIVth century, Ovanes Vorotnetsi established the largest university in the South Caucasus, located at Tatev Monastery.
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Seven Hiking Trails

What to do in Armenia when u have reached one of the most remote and beautiful sceneries in the world?
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Tatev Oil Mill

The oil press facility is a unique artifact, that was built in the 17th century outside the Tatev monastery.
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