Travel information and advice

To ensure a comfortable stay in Tatev and within the Monastery Complex, please consider the following simple advice:

  • Regardless of the season, you should have with you comfortable, warm and waterproof clothing. The region is located in the high alpine band of Armenia (average altitude is around 1500 meters above sea level), and weather here is extremely variable. Even in the summer, evenings in this region are generally cool, while a cloudless sky can quickly succumb to rainclouds. To protect against the sun, headwear is a must, while sunscreen is advisable.
  • For those interested in hiking tours through the ravine, appropriate footwear is recommended (for example, hiking boots) to protect the feet against cuts and scratches, as well as insect and snake bites.
  • Be sure to carry bottled drinking water at all times.
  • Caution is essential when walking on rocks and in tall grass.